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Music stuttering via aptx adaptive


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My music is stuttering when I turn on and off the screen when using aptx adaptive. I tried everything to get this problem out of my way, but it won't go. 

When I am listening in my car with the same Bluetooth settings in Poweramp and not using aptx adaptive. This problem don't exists.

I tried every settings in Poweramp and also in develop settings. Nothing works...

USB Player Pro does not have this problem, but I like the sound of Poweramp more.

Is er anyone who can tell me how to fix this problem.

I am listening with a Motorola G100, Android 12. My headset is a Bowers and Wilkins PI7

My Poweramp build is: build-944-bundle-play.    And Poweramp full version unlocker build-305

I really hope that anyone out Poweramp him self can help me out with this problem

Best regards, Tristan




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