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Auto Save Current Preset is always active


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this bug was already reported about one year ago (builds 906-911) and it seems to be still there.

The Auto Save Current Preset  (Eq presets) option is always active and can't be disable, nor by long pressing on the Save button on Eq page, nor by toggling that option in the Settings: in the last case, even if I turn it OFF, when I'm back to the settings it is still ON.

This is rather nasty since when the option is on is quite easy to mess up the Eq presets. The only way to go back is to restore a backup.


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15 hours ago, maxmp said:

@code autosave is always on for the parametric mode...

Thanks for your answer. 

I'm still wondering why it couldn't be just enable/disabled as in graphic mode. I believe that all Presets (both graphic and parametric) should stay locked unless the user intentionally want to modify them.

I've 2 in-ear and 2 over-ear headphones and I've selected for them my favorite Presets (mostly derived from AutoEQ), now all I desire is to have them locked, while I always fear to open the Eq panel and mess them by touching the wrong part of the screen. Since they autosave, I will never know if they are changed or not(!)

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For what it's worth, I agree with the user code, above. Locking bands and undo/redo sound like awesome features to have but, as a start, being able to deactivate auto-save, as it's possible for graphic EQ would be a start in the right direction.

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