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Support android 13 media player by targeting api 33


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Please add support for the new android 13 music notification by targeting android api 33! It will add much more functionality if implemented with shuffle and repeat toggles and will also look much nicer on updated devices. Having these extra toggles in the notification for quick access will be a great improvement to Poweramp's usability on newer android versions. Powermp is my favorite music player, but I am using YouTube music temporarily because of the continence the a13 music widget gives when fully supported. Once Poweramp supports this though I'd switch back in a heartbeat.


I'm not sure if this is possible but having them toggle through all of Poweramp's shuffle and repeat modes would be even better! I'm not aware of the full abilities of the new now playing notification but based on Poweramp's overall focus on functionality I hope once it is implemented it will live up to that amazing quality and functionality that I see thought all other aspects of the app. I am truly looking forward to see how this will be done.


left (YT MUSIC) right (Poweramp)


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@drazini thanks for the information, I will check what's going on with Musicolet and if possible that will be added to Poweramp.

Edit: Musicolet uses Android system media library which don't support 50% of formats Poweramp support, nor other stuff like .cue, .lrc, etc., plus there are also other limitations.

Actually Musicolet does warn about that.

For Poweramp I guess, All files access permission would be better, but that requires permission from the Google and few release iterations, which are planned, but will not be available immediately.

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On 9/20/2022 at 11:21 PM, maxmp said:

@drazini yes, but this (targeting SDK 33) automatically disables Legacy File Support which is needed more (for example, to access files in Downloads or other "private" folders) vs changed buttons in the notification. Occasionally, we'll move to SDK=33 and further, but not right now. Thanks for the request!

Hello, sorry for intruding the topic. Oneplus has this contextual info for music on the Always On Display since OOS 13, but so far only Spotify seems to be supported. Is this also linked to SDK33, or requires some other work on the app? Is it possible for your to support it? 



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