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Prevent andriod BACK button from exiting the app


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Apologies if this is a duplicate thread. I have been using the Poweramp app for a week now and really enjoying it. 


One query I have is if there is the option in the app settings to prevent the app from closing when pressing the 'Back' button on my phone (OnePlus 5T). For example, I play a song, queue the next song and then I want to exit that menu so I press the 'Back' button on my phone a few times and it will close the app when I press back after getting back to the main menu of the app. 


Also, I've noticed that when I pause a song, there is a short fade out - as opposed to a instant stop or the track. I like this feature but I'd like to know if there's a setting to toggle it on/off? 


Many thanks 


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The fade out can be configured in PA Settings=>Audio=>Crossfade/Fade/Gapless.

The Back button follows standard Android behaviour in that it closes the interface when you press Back at the same screen you entered the app. Note: this not not mean the app stops running, music will continue to play even if you close the interface, and you can return to where you were with the Recent Apps button. You can change the start screen (which is the screen that is exited from by using Back) using PA Settings=>Look and Feel=>Start at Library.


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