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I am pretty sure now that using the queue feature can somehow mess with the current playlist


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I'm currently on the latest version (build 939) and I'm using a Fairphone 4 with Lineage OS based on Android 11 but I've experienced this before on previous versions and different phones. I have been suspecting that this was happening but it was rare and I never paid enough attention to it before.

Today I used the queue feature to listen to a few songs while preserving my current playlist location. After the queued songs were done the app returned to the current playlist. However, there were two things wrong. First, it put me at song 15/1665. I can't say for sure where I previously was but it was definitely a lot further along. Second, the first 102 songs were all from AC/DC, Aerosmith, and Airbourne, the first three artists in the playlist alphabetically. They make up a total of 127 out of the 1665 songs or ~7.6% of the playlist (the video I attached starts with the song that first played after the queue but I went back and the songs before that also all were from the three bands). I can 100% guarantee that this is not how the playlist was before. I definitely did not listen to 15 songs from the same three bands after starting it and the chance of randomly generating a playlist with 102 songs from the same three bands over and over again is staggeringly small.

This isn't a big problem, it just means that I have to start the playlist over again. It also does not happen every time and it's probably a pretty obscure edge case but since it is a bug I thought I'd report it. I'm not sure if the logs go back far enough to still be useful since it took  me a while to notice it, should I still send them?

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