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Backup Album and artist art

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I'll change my rom. Therefore I have already exported settings/data and Album Art checked. How do I back up Artist art? I don't use playlist. Only folder hierarchy. So after install Poweramp on the new rom I'll scan the Music folder on my external SD card.

My question: Can I backup Artict arts? And is there anything else I should/could backup of which I didn't think of it yet?

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Ok, backup and restore was successful. But there is one thing which is not right.

When I play a album, at the bottom of the screen it says: Doesn't look like anything to me

Actually there should be information about the playing song.

Edit: I deleted a sync file in the music folder and made a re-scan. All good now.

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1 minute ago, andrewilley said:

@Maprewop Do you mean in the metadata line underneath the playback controls? If you tap on it you should see different information - folder, next song, file tech data, etc  - which version(s) show missing content? 


Correct. But it was missing. Just edited my previous post. So now all is good.

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