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specific EQ Presets not working when selected


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- build-943-bundle-play [943004-e18421cc]
- Samsung A52s 5G
- Android 12

Certain presets such as the one I attached (name in Poweramp is q39#004 if that could be an issue, lowest gain -21.8dB, highest 0dB) don't work as intended (specifically for this one it either doesnt work, has way too much bass or way too much treble at random, most likely due to the low or high shelf just not working some of the time, which makes me guess that some of the filters are not being applied when using the preset).

If I enable/disable eq in any way, nothing changes about the sound, however if I select another different preset the sound changes except if it's another one of the q39# filter presets I was testing, which were all made the update before and after this newest update.

If I switch preset and then switch back it will either not function, or becomes bass bloated or just trebley, disabling EQ in any way doesnt change the sound.

DVC doesn't actually alleviate this either, the same issues still occur regardless.

If it's any help either I have 63 saved filters however the issue has occured with various devices (all wired), and a different phone in the past.


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