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pausing the song distorts the album art


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the app makes the animation on the album art when pausing and playing, so on certain covers you can see a thin white or black line (in most cases) somewhere on the cover.

it happens in most covers, i even checked the cover in photoshop if that line was really in the image and it wasn't. 

on some covers that thin strip is not visible to the naked eye, but if you pay attention it is there. this happens when you pause the song, when it is playing that thin strip disappears.

 - mac demarco example it's not even noticeable

- smith & borrows example you can see it at the bottom.

i hope you can notice it with the screenshots, but i will leave the two songs that i used as an example so that you can try it. i don't know if it is already a common problem or not, but since i have the app i have this bug.


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