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Media controls absent in Android Auto


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Since a few weeks ago, the media controls in the bottom bar of AA have disappeared. I can't pass to the next song using the physical buttons in my car either, only if I enter the Poweramp app itself from the menu and press the virtual button. The rest of music apps (Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.) work properly.

My current build number is build-939-bundle-play [939004-333c8a71], my device is Realme X2 Pro on Android 11. 

I've been using Poweramp in my car since forever ago and I never had this problem before. With other devices, the controls do show in Android Auto so I don't know what can be the problem.


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@Diezmador so it worked before but stopped to work for you, for the same Poweramp build? This looks like some upgrade on Google side broken the things for you. Unfortunately the issue can’t be reproduced for the setup I have (car headunit emulator). Also, the API Auto uses is the same as used for other Android parts such as lock screen and notification album art, info, and buttons, android watches, bluetooth info and controls, etc. Is Poweramp affected in these parts for you?

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@maxmp I managed to accidentally fix it. I deactivated DVC (I read that in another topic) but nothing changed so yesterday, I turned it back while my phone was plugged in the car. Poweramp seemed to reboot or something similar and then, the media controls were back! I am not sure how doing that fixed the problem but finally I have the controls back :)

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