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Scrolling Notification

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There is one feature that is always on my mind whenever I look at Poweramp, a scrolling notification whenever a song is changed. 

This can be implemented in two ways.

1. Horizontal, the song title and artist moves from right to left.

2. Vertical, song title and artist moves from bottom to top, just like in movie credits but in a single line. 

I think this will be difficult to implement on a none rooted device,  because I think you will need root access to modify notification bar, but at the same time, my network provider name is being displayed, scrolling horizontally from right to left, where the time ⏲️ is displayed, but it happens on the lock screen. 

You may ask, why do I need this? 

My music library has increased, I'm finding it difficult to know or remember every artist, especially song title when a song is playing, so most times I pull down notification bar, I open Poweramp. 

If Poweramp can do this, it will have an effizzy look🤣, what I mean is, it will make it standout, it will make it blend with the OS.


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