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Poweramp(build-939-bundle-play): There is no "Wired Headset/AUX"item in Hi-Res Output page.

Andrea Wang

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This is Andrea from ASUS QPM team of Phone BU. We recieved an issue about Poweramp(build-939-bundle-play): There is no "Wired Headset/AUX"item in Hi-Res Output page.

[Steps] Poweramp>Settins>Audio>Output>Hi-Res Output. There is no "Wired Headset/AUX"item in this page. Only have Bluetooth, USB DAC, Restore Defaults in this page.

[Phone Model] ASUS ROG Phone 6 AI2201 

Please check this problem, and check if it's regarding whitelist scheme, thank you :) 

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I'll leave this for Max the developer to comment, but it looks to me as though this particular Android ROM doesn't provide high-res config information in any of the expected manners:


Your original account doesn't seem to be locked by the way, did you perhaps forget the email address or password you used? Would you like it reset?


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33 minutes ago, 虹虹 said:

We'd like to ask if the APP is based on "audio_io_policy.conf" to determine whether "Hi-Res" is supported?  Thank you!

There are several possible variations of the name and location for the /etc/audio_policy.conf file, dependent on the vagaries of different manufacturers' firmware versions, which PA checks in turn to determine what features the current device supports.

@maxmp any ideas on this one, do you have access to one of these devices for testing?


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1 hour ago, 虹虹 said:

Can we know when will V.944 be avilable on Google play? Thank you :)

944 should be available from the Play Store if you enable the beta downloads option: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.maxmpz.audioplayer

Otherwise, the general trend is that several feature release / bug fix iterations are released as betas - both on the Play Store and here - and once any minor issues seem to have been ironed out, a new stable release is made available for general download. The current stable release was issued in July, build 939.


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There are three output works for mobile's speaker.

1.OpenSL ES Output max upto 48khz@float32.

2.AudioTrack Optimized Output max upto defined by device@float32.

3.AAudio Output 48killo hz @float32.


but what if any SoC gives more supports?

like stereo outputs in their devices?

there are some devices supporting hi-res in speaker mode.

but some haven't!

i use and love Poweramp for the Hi-Resolution support and best quality music with anti distortion/ no overloading, thats best thing for users.



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