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Blurry Album Art


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I have a technical problem with Poweramp related to Album Arts. 
I use my own album art for all my music and it is generally high resolution artwork ( one average 1200x1200) or higher (max 2000x2000). All album art are embedded. I have a phone with a high resolution display (1440p) and I like to enjoy my album art on my 4k tv as well.
High resolution artwork and 24 bit RGB are enabled in settings.
However, some of my album art started to become blurry like they are low resolution. It happens when I add a new album. I've added a screenshot (n°1) as an example. Look at how the arms of the fairies are pixelated. It's quite ugly. 
My old albums don't have this issue but it changes when I add a new album art manually with Poweramp search file fonction. It happened with Death Stranding. Look at the screenshots (n°2 and n°3). The n°2 is quite blurry especially with text. I changed the album art on this one. The n°3 is perfect because i didn't change the album art. To be precise, I used the same album art for n°2 and n°3 so WTF ?
Strangely, Poweramp is capable of displaying the full resolution image for screenshot n°1 (the one with fairies). It's a 1620x1620 JPEG (size : 1.1 MB linked as an attachment). It happened while I was changing the composer separators in settings to add \\ as a separator. The  app asked for a full rescan. During the rescan, the album art for Dragon's Crown became crisp (screenshot n°4) when i closed and reopened the app the album art was back to blurry (n°1).
Also, I noticed that Poweramp cut my Dragon's Crown embedded image's resolution by half (screenshot n°5) from 1620p to 810p.
So  I don't know what's going on. I have used Poweramp for many years and I've never had any issues with my high resolution album art. The problem is quite recent. 
Also, I tried other music apps and they have no issues displaying Dragon's Crown full resolution album art (screenshot n°6 and 7). 
Can you help me with this issue ? Is it related to Poweramp cache ? My android's settings show that it's only 65kb. Is it a bug as well ?
Turning off High Resolution artwork and 24bit RPG does nothing. I have a more recent phone (work phone) on android 11 with an 1080p display and there is the same problem. My current phone is a Galaxy S7 (European Exynos version).
Thank you for your assistance and have a nice day. 
Version Info ======================
Build: Poweramp build-939-bundle-play full verified cached
Store: Play
Unlocker: build-305
Arch: 64
Skin: ActivityTheme_Black
Device: samsung SM-G930F universal8890 herolte heroltexx [arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, armeabi]
Installer: com.android.vending (31.8.19-21 [0] [PR] 466385160)
Android: 8.0.0 samsung/heroltexx/herolte:8.0.0/R16NW/G930FXXU8ETI2:user/release-keys en_US

Screenshot n°1.jpg

Screenshot n°2.jpg

Screenshot n°3.jpg

Screenshot n°4.jpg

Screenshot n°5.jpg

Screenshot n°6.jpg

Screenshot n°7.jpg

Album art.jpg

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So, no response yet but i have reset and reinstalled the app and my music files. It didn't make a difference. 

However, i have found the source of this issue. It's related to the artist tag. If a change, the artist tag (for example "Hitoshi Sakimoto" to "Hitoshi Sakimoto.") the problem is fixed for this particular song. The album art is back to crispness. 

If i change that back to "Hitoshi Sakimoto" (without the .) the album art becomes blurry again. It's very strange.   

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Yes i think it's exactly my issue because i changed to artist name on other songs and the old album art changed to the new embedded one when i did that. 

So what do i need to do ? Old cached album art seems to have to priority over my new embedded ones. 

I have "prefer Downloaded album art" disabled is the settings. 

The "delete image cache" of Poweramp does not do anything either. 

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