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Audio info screen - lacks ReplayGain info


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You can see this info using a different method. If you long press the album art on Now Playing, select Info/Tags. This displays the full file path, details about the encoding, Replaygain info, and then all of the metadata tags that Poweramp reads. (Note that this is not a full tag editor, so additional tags that are not read into Poweramp's database are not displayed here)

I do see your point about expecting to see this detail in the Audio Info when long pressing on the info bar. I'm not sure if it would be listed under the Track or DSP headers. There is already a lot of info listed there, so I doubt it would be a space issue. Perhaps it just never came up when the support for Replaygain was added?

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It's certainly wouldn't do any harm to show the current ReplayGain values in the Audio Info screen as well as in the song Info/Tags screen.

Technically the Audio Info screen is more about system settings rather than individual song data (which is was Info/Tags is for) but it could be mentioned in that first section which briefly mentions the file's encoding format, gapless status, etc.


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