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Bluetooth Connect Volume?

Tony P

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Hi all, I'm new to Poweramp, loving it so far! Former Rocket Player user but that app has gone downhill fast 👎 (I think another company bought it and stopped caring about updates and problems) and I had to try something else and found Poweramp! 

I searched this forum before posting this so forgive me if it's already been discussed and I missed it but on Rocket Player there was a setting to set the volume when you connect to Bluetooth. So when my phone connected to the car it automatically set the volume to what I preset. I looked everywhere on Poweramp and did not see such a setting, is there one? Is there a way to set Poweramp to always start a certain level when it connects to the car/Bluetooth?


Thanks in advance!

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Poweramp should return to the previously used volume level (may need to turn the increased volume steps option off). Also make sure DVC Absolute Volume is disabled on your device in its Developer Options settings (see https://forum.powerampapp.com/kb/en_us/faq/using-direct-volume-control-dvc-r42/ )

You can use an external task handling app to do what you specifocally want though, I use the Samsung's Bixby Routines (the only good thing about Bixby) but Tasker and other apps can do the same thing.


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Welcome to Poweramp, this best music player on android os.

Android have different volume control for, Ringtone, Media, Notification and System. 

I believe Poweramp uses Media volume, if you change any of the other 3, this will not affect Poweramp, but you use any other Media player, like video player and you adjust the volume, this will also Poweramp volume level.

If you have various Bluetooth devices (home theater, headphones) paired to your phone, and maybe with a saved profile, Poweramp can remember the last use volume level if not altered by any other media player. 


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Oh, I've never messed with Bixby Routines, I think that might work if I need to try it!


But So far upon connecting to my car the volume goes back to 100% like I had it so maybe it already does it on its own and I was looking for a feature that I don't need with Poweramp (I was just trying to set everything up like Rocket Player when it used to be good)


Thanks for the suggestions! This app is awesome, I love that it can get the album art hi res easily and fast


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