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Highest priority possible ON_BOOT_COMPLETED

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2 hours ago, Mario Dantas said:

Hi fellows, I think that you can increate priority for ON_BOOT_COMPLETED, meaning that Poweramp Equalizer loads (almost) in first place before any other apps

For what reason? If no other audio apps have had a chance to load, there is nothing for PowerampEQ to do anyhow.

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Do you want to Equalize your phone boot sound? There's no way to load a user app before system apps, just be patient, avoid turning off your phone. If you are experiencing delay on any app startup, your phone should also be checked. Uninstall duplicate and redundant apps, this will reduce loading time. 


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Latest Androids delay (normal priority) broadcasts/intents for 1+ minute after the boot. That means even if the equalizer is loaded early it won’t receive playback info from players anyway during that initial 1st minute after the boot.

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