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I like the idea too. It's a feature from other players that I dearly miss, even though it's nothing more than just visual.

In the FiiO app:

- There is a violet [SQ] badge for 16 and 24 bit audio with 44.1 or 48 kHz.

- There's a gold [HR] badge for 16 and 24 bit audio with 88 kHz and above, and for every 32 bit audio.

- There's a green [DSD] badge for any .dsf and .dff file (idk about SACD .iso).

It's only one badge at a time. It looks very good visually, but a bit too simplified.

In the HiBy app:

- There's a gold [HR] badge for any audio file with 88.2 kHz and above.

- There's a grey CD logo for any low-res audio file.

- There's a gold CD logo for any Hi-Res audio file (16-44.1 minimum I suppose).

- There's a gold DXD logo for any Higher-Res audio file above 192 kHz or with 352.8 kHz and above (not sure, I don't have in between to test).

- There's a gold DSD logo for any .dsf and .dff file (idk about SACD .iso).

It's one logo and an optional badge, it's not as pretty visually as FiiO's but it's way more precise as it gives you information about the bitrate/frequency/file format at the same time.

A mix of both would be top notch for an audiophile app!

Pictures showing badges and logos


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