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Pixel Buds Pro drop outs/skips


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I'm using Poweramp build-939-bundle-play [939004-33c8a71]

Full Version

64 bit

On a Google Pixel 5A with Android Version 12 Build SQ3A.220705.003.A1

Just received a pair of Pixel Buds Pro. I'm getting massive drop-outs and skips playing hi-res FLAC files. I've tried some ripped CDs that are also FLAC but 44.1K 16 bit with the same results. I have not tried any other format.

I've tried other audio sources with the buds: the phone, SiriusXM and the default Android player with MP3s which all play without drop-out or skips. Poweramp works fine with wired and other BT ear buds. It's definitely a Poweramp and Pixel Bud Pro problem.

When time allows I will test with my Pixel 3 phone...



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