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45 minutes ago, stickyweiny69 said:

Is there option to display only primary artists? I Have splitted artists like JuicyJ;xxx;xxx . It it enlarging whole list.

This is what the AlbumArtist tag is for. It should only list the main artists.

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If you have Artist tags of the form "JuicyJ;xxx;yyy" then you do have the option in Settings>Library>Scanner to handle them as one combined entity, including the semicolons, which is exactly how the artist name will appear in the lists. Note that "JuicyJ;xxx;yyy" will appear as a separate entry to "JuicyJ;yyy;xxx", so make sure your formatting is consistent.

Otherwise, you can use the split feature to create three individual artist names as "JuicyJ", "xxx" and "yyy". If you don't want xxx and yyy to appear in lists at all, you'd need to remove them from all tags. The best way to do that if there are a lot of instances is using a batch tag editor on a computer - such as TagScanner or MP3Tag.


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6 hours ago, stickyweiny69 said:

is there any option to fast edit this tags? i have a lot of this

I would definitely not try to mass edit tags on a mobile device. There is higher risk of write failure, plus the back up options are limited. Do it on a home computer with any decent tag editor (I use mp3tag myself), back up before and then again after when you are satisfied with the results. Then transfer fresh copies back to your phone to replace what was there.

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