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Not Crossfading Some Audio


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I wasn't sure if I should post this under feature request because it's not Poweramp's fault but it is a bug I am experiencing when playing some audio files.

I record music from internet radio streamer that tags the songs automatically but sometimes the songs are cut short and the tag is incorrectly displaying wrong duration. When this happens Poweramp does not crossfade it just skips abruptly taking me out of my trance. I have discovered that AIMP player is able to crossfade regardless of incorrect tags.

Is there any way Poweramp can overcome the issues of crossfading incorrectly tagged audio files?

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@Olive Just like you said, the Fault is not from Poweramp, but with the file. The file(s) is broken and it is sending wrong information (Metadata) to Poweramp. 

There is nothing Poweramp can do, unless you re-download a clean file, or remove crossfade, mind you, this is not caused by incorrect tags. 


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If the duration tag is wrong, PA may not know when to commence crossfading, as the audio content could run out before the metadata indicates it should. This would be particularly noticeable with VBR files, or possibly also with files with large header blocks (e.g. cover artwork).


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Much appreciated responses.

I was hoping there might be some kind of legacy mode to overcome this issue because AFAIK, AIMP player has no issues playing incorrectly tagged songs.

Thanks anyway.

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