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What is the best setting for OTT platforms on Google TV?

Pushkar Rana

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I have installed Poweramp Equalizer on my Sony X75K Google TV to improve dialog clarity during watching movies on OTT platforms. I am using default presets available in the app, but in some movies like BATMAN, in some places, background music is distorted. Any idea what is the best solution to remove or lower down distort sound. Buying a good soundbar is my last option, but I want to try this app first. So, please share you ideas.

I am using the following settings:

  • DVC is disabled
  • DUMP & Notification Listener permission are enabled
  • Equalizer mode: Parametric
  • Compressor is on (with default setting)
  • Try both "Voice" & "Clarity" preset
  • Rest of the settings are set on default
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