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Play next Album when chosen album ends.

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I don't know if this has been asked before but...  My entire library is organised in albums.  The way I use the app is, I will go to my album list and chose an album I want to listen to.  When the album finishes the music stops.

What I would like is, when the album finishes, for it to just play the next album in the list dependant on whatever sorting option I had when viewing the list.  E.g.  If i was sorting by album artist, just play the next album artist alphabetically in that list.  If I was sorting by album title, just play the next album alphabetically.

Is this possible?  I have an android head unit in my car so I'd rather not have to press buttons as I'm driving.

Thanks in advance!

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You're welcome. Don't beat yourself up though, you're not the first to find that terminology a bit confusing. I wrote a FAQ a while back to help new users


@maxmp I assume it's still stuck somewhere in the longer term to-do list, but it really would help users if you could to rename those Repeat button options so they are easier to understand. The actual functionality is really very simple - play or repeat just the current song, play or repeat just the current category, or continue to play everything category-after-category - but the present wording can somewhat obscure that simplicity (as @Turbo Toni discovered).

I'd still prefer the wording to cycle through a much more intuitive: Play Song | Play Category | Play All | Repeat Song | Repeat Category | Repeat All. So 'Play All' (or 'Repeat All') would replace the present slightly-confusing 'Advance Category' wording.


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