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Poweramp volume restart in pause Chromecast

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Hi @maxmp. I am streaming audio from Poweramp build 934-939 via Chromecast. the problem is that when reducing the volume and then pausing and play again, the volume automatically returns to 100%. also when making any modification in the settings and when Poweramp applies these changes, the audio stops and when starting again, the volume is automatically increased to 100%. Does anyone know if I need to make any changes to the configuration? I have tried turning the DVC control on and off but to no avail. Thanks 

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This is driving me nuts!  I was about to create a new post about it myself.  It makes me avoid using Chromecast.

(And it's been happening for a long time - first noticed at least a year ago I think, but I didn't know if it was a Poweramp issue.  But I have since tested with other Android apps (such as YouTube and Netflix), and those do not have the problem.)

In my case the volume does not go to 100%.  In my latest test it reverts to 21% each time I unpause, but in the past I think I've seen other volume levels.  It does not seem to correlate to the volume that was set prior to connecting to the Chromecast.

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Aha!  This problem is resolved by choosing the "System Default" option under Settings > Audio > Advanced Tweaks > Volume Levels.  Mine had been set to 30.

Thanks very much to Geiler Heinz in this post:



I think this must be a bug (and if it can't be fixed, please add a comment on the Volume Levels screen explaining that choosing a value other than System Default will cause the Chromecast problem).  I liked the higher granularity.  (Although while the System Default setting is normally 16 volume increments, I get about 49 increments (each increment is 2 or 3%) when I'm using Chromecast.  Which is great, but I'd like to still have the higher granularity when not using Chromecast.)

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