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Audio crackling output through speaker or earphones

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Weird type of audio crackling output whenever i pause/stop videos it happens with vlc,youtube,libretube and other video players. It happen whenever i use Poweramp equalizer so plz fix this bug ASAP. It irritates when audio crackling play in earphones. It happens in my dad's phone also. He also use Poweramp equalizer. So the bug is only in Poweramp equalizer. Plz fix this. And one more thing  this audio crackling bug is happen in Samsung phone's only. 

Device: Samsung galaxy j8 2018

Android 10

Cpu architecture:  v7a (something like this😅)

Poweramp equalizer version : build 937-938vidma_recorder_24072022_101455 (mp3cut.net)

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In my Samsung too! This audio crackling occurs in my Samsung Tab S6 Lite (Exynos version, Android 12) and not (never) in the Xiaomi device (Mi A2 Lite, Android 11). I thought it only happened on Spotify, but when I applied the dump permissions it increased the occurrence.

This weird sound, which increases the volume until (sometimes) mutes the device, happens during sound transitions, whether it's switching songs on Spotify or starting an advertisement on Youtube. This does not happen in the Poweramp player.

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More device details.
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16 hours ago, Mr. Max said:

 Devloper needs to fix this. 

4 hours ago, Mr. Max said:

@andrewilley when will you fix this bug? 

First, Max (the developer) will need to identity and reproduce this issue before he can even start working on a fix for it (assuming he can duplicate the problem at all, that is). Then any such fix will need to be incorporated into the next release build of the Equalizer (the currently available version was released on 6 May).

So overall, it's probably unlikely that a fix would have been released between your most recent two messages which were just over ten hours apart...



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