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Would like to see top folders.


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Hello. I am a big fan of Poweramp for several years and sorry for my English.

For example,


A Folder - a1 Folder - mp3 files

               └ a2 Folder - mp3 files

               └ a3 Folder - mp3 files

B Folder - b1 Folder - mp3 files

               └ b2 Folder - mp3 files

               └ b3 Folder - mp3 files


A, B Folders(=top folders) don't have mp3 files, but only folders.

a1,2,3 and b1,2,3, folders have mp3 files.


I use Library-Folders mode. But at the list, I can only see a1~3, b1~3 folders directly.
I would like to see A, B Folders, but looks like Poweramp doesn't show the top folders bc that doesn't have mp3 files(only show folders.).

I cannot find an option for this.

How can I change it?

Thank you!!




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The only way you can see empty folders is in Folders Hierarchy mode. In plain Folders mode, which is a flattened list format with only two levels - folders or songs - any folder that contains no music could not do anything. If you tried to open one, what would you see? You couldn't see its subfolders as they are already displayed further down the flat list.

Completely empty folders (i.e. no audio files nor any subfolders containing audio files) will not be displayed in PA at all. Remember that PA is a music player not a file explorer. The two 'Folders' categories are simply another way to organise and view the music library database, which only contains songs and not folders per se. Folder names are merely derived from existing song location paths in the database.


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