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Poweramp starting when Bluetooth connects

Mark Yaworski

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Phone:  OnePlus Nord n200

OS:  Android 12

Poweramp Build: Build 939-bundle-pay [939004-333c8a71]

Let's assume that Poweramp is closed.  When I get into my car and start the car, bluetooth connect.  Immediately, when Bluetooth connect, Poweramp starts up, playing the song it was playing when it was shut down/

Is this a bug or is it a settings issue?

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This is not a bug if you have enabled it in settings- Headset/ Bluetooth- resume on connection. 

But if you have those settings turned off like me, and Poweramp resumes occasionally on Bluetooth connection, then it's a bug.

In My own case, if I am playing on my home theater, and there is power outage, and I turn on my Bluetooth headphone, Music starts playing (not every time).


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