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Crossfeed (not to be confused with crossfade)

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I think it might be nice if Poweramp someday implemented a crossfeed. Basically the idea of crossfeed is to apply a bit of delay and mixing to stereo sound to essentially emulate the crossfeeding one gets when listening to speakers instead of headphones (eg you hear a bit of the sound from the left speaker in your right ear and a bit of the right speaker in your left ear with a subtle delay among other things.) Probably the best info I could show for how exactly this works would be the Foobar "bs2b" (Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural) plugin as it has a lot of details and code available to all to see (albeit for the Foobar2000 player rather than something generic.) You can find its Sourceforge page here: http://bs2b.sourceforge.net/ It explains what exactly it does and how it is beneficial better than I can really. Basically this reduces or eliminates listening fatigue for most people when using headphones for a long period of time even though it is, overall, a pretty subtle effect.

It does use more CPU power unfortunately, but from what I can tell, it's actually a pretty small increase overall. Well, obviously it wouldn't be a setting that's turned on by default, but I think it could be overall beneficial to people as the majority of people actually using Poweramp are probably listening with headphones.

PS. Sorry for so many requests at once. I've been meaning to post about each of these in turn for quite a while, but just didn't get around to it until now.

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Seconded. Could we please, please have it in 3.x? Note that this is one of the very few sound-related (as opposed to interface-related) requests. And, as Max wrote in his 3-year anniversary post, Poweramp was built to make music quality a priority.

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Ha! What I do to reduce the earphone fatige is to use from time to time in mono.

But this solutions sounds so much better!

+1 in this request!

Cannot be done by setting the Stereo X feature?

I don't know how, but maybe...

BTW, the settings for Stereo X are shown by pressing the "Stereo X" word.

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