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Shuffle Play Of Playlist Songs

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Nothing has changed recently. There are several ways to do this:

If you want to permanently re-order the songs in any given playlist into a new order, go to that playlist's songs view and use (three-dots menu) > Re-sort > Shuffle.

If you want to leave the actual playlist in its current order, but listen to its songs in random order, tap the Shuffle icon at the top-left of the playlist's songs list.

You can also use the Shuffle icon on the player screen to adjust the mode during playback. Tap it a couple of times (or long-press) until it shows 'Shuffle Just Songs' (or 'Shuffle Songs and Categories'). The difference between the two modes is only apparent when listening to the current playlist is complete, and PA moves on to the next one: with 'Shuffle Just Songs' the next playlist will be selected in order and then its song will be shuffled, whereas 'Shuffle Songs/Categories' pick the next playlist to listen to randomly. (The icon at the top of the songs view activates the latter mode by the way)


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I am a subscriber to Poweramp for many years.

Whenever I try to play all songs in shuffle mode, it sorts the songs alphabetically for playback.  It does this always, 

Why?  How can I get it to shuffle a different way.

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@Cpo When you enable 'Shuffle All Songs' mode (by tapping on the 'Shuffle' icon on the player screen to cycle through to that mode) the result will never be songs being played in alphabetical order, it should be random across you whole music collection.

Could you elaborate on what you are doing? You don't have any unplayed songs in the temporary Queue do you, that might be overriding regular playback? 


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