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Advice on how to stop all screen touch actions except play, jump forward?


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I am using Poweramp in full screen view on my old galaxy S8 phone with a 1 Tb CD card as a music box for my bluetooth devices.

There are a lot of accidental screen touches when I pick up the phone and move it around the house, or miss the play/pause button.  It keeps jumping to the play list, then it takes TWO back arrows to get home again.  While not a bug but a feature, its unwanted in my particular setup.  The top half of my screen is very sensitive to accidental touch, especially since the phone display goes right to the edge (nearly no bezel) and so it sits virtually on top of the volume buttons on the phone. 

I would like to have the full screen view on at all times (album art, title tracks, player controls etc), not interested in the miniplayer.  What I'd like to do is freeze all such screen view controls on the main full-screen (basically the top half of the screen), except for the play controls, forward back buttons, and of course the menu at the bottom (basically the bottom half of the screen).  Is there a way to achieve this with existing settings? 


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