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Bug: Pause/Resume on Volume

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Hey there,

I'm using LineageOS 19 (Android 12) and the build I'm using is buggy when it comes to Bluetooth audio playback. If audio is playing and the device is put to standby, it will kill off the audio. To get around this, I have the wake lock setting enabled in Poweramp.

I also have the Pause/Resume feature enabled but I've noticed odd and strange behaviour. Outside of Poweramp, and with the app completely closed, if the volume is set to 0 and then raised again, playback automatically starts. This is fine if the app is open and my intention is to actually pause and resume music. But it seems even with the app closed (due to the wake lock perhaps?) it still responds to this 'command'.

Poweramp build-939-bundle-play [939004-333c8a71]
Razer Phone 2, Lineage OS 19.1 / Android 12

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That is by design, although due to Android limitations it does not normally resume correctly when the screen is off or if PA is not the current app.

To disable the feature completely, turn off via PA Settings=>Audio=>Advanced Tweaks=>Pause/Resume on Volume.


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