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Way to do not display album at all

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I'm searching a method to not display album at all, just simple as that: Genres --> choose the genre --> Artist

Now I have a mess that shows, in "Genres --> choose the genre", album/artist and I cannot easily choose all songs of an artist just clicking on artist name. Now I have a list composed by "artist 1 - album 1", "artist 1 - album 2", "artist 1 - album 3", "artist 2 - album 1", "artist 2 - album 2", etc.

I need just to have "artist 1", "artist 2", etc...

I am not interested in albums at all.

Thanks in advance for any help

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You can disable the artwork to make the list a bit more compact (pinch to zoom in or out) but the Genre category does not currently offer any extra layers of grouping to support a drilldown of Genre > Artist > Album > songs. You can display All Songs from the genre (and sort them by Artist) but that's not really what you want as it would still be a long list.


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