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Lockscreen widget is missing

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I just updated my phone yesterday and noticed that the lockscreen widget is missing in the lockscreen when music is being played.

This is good for change the songs on the go.

Before the phone update, no issue with this as the widget is always on the lockscreen 

But now I found that I need to swipe down the lockscreen to access the widget under notifications.

I do not have to do this previously.


I do not remember what version i was from before but I remember I had not updated for quite some time.

It is now on Android 12, UI 4.1.

I am using samsung S10+, Poweramp build-305 and version build-939-bundle play[939004-333c8a71] full version 64bit.


Went through the usual google for answer, reddit, forums and reviews and sort of found the answer but not quite.

Had to enable the "show on lock screen" in Poweramp lockscreen settings.

But now it is showing the entire Poweramp menu screen in the lockscreen instead of a small widget.

Notification setting in phone setting is enabled for Poweramp and always show on display.

Lockscreen > widget > music tab is enabled.

Have tried most of the methods found online but since everyone phone is different, what works for them does not work for me.



Not sure if you get my point but maybe this screenshots will ..... I hope


All I hope to get is to have the small widget back onto the lockscreen.

When I tap the phone, the lockscreen pop up and the widget is there for me to change songs.



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The 'Poweramp Lock Screen' feature is not the same as the Android one, it presents the majority of the main PA interface on the unlock screen, which I don't think is what you want here.

The Android Lock Screen widget gets its content from the Notification system, so check that is enabled in PA Settings=>Look and Feel=>Notifications. Also make sure it is enabled in Android's own settings.

Try using Restore Defaults in both the Lock Screen and Notifications settings pages, as currently the options will have been inherited from your previous (Android 11, or earlier?) setup.


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  • Solution

Yes, the Poweramp lock screen feature is totally different from what I had previously, so this is out.

Restoring defaults did not work either.

Notifications is already enabled for Poweramp, to show on top.


Searched high and low in various forums posts, reddit threads, self help websites and finally found what is the problem.

I did not set permission for bluetooth, to allow nearby devices access to this app.

Once I allowed permission, the lockscreen widget came back on

I don't allowed permission and the lockscreen widget is gone again.


Now the next question is why do I need to allow this bluetooth permission thing in order to use the lockscreen widget?

To allow nearby devices access to this app ........ this doesn't sound very safe, is it?

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Nope, bluetooth is always off.

radio app was never used and turned off too.

Yes, i had to give permission for bluetooth to allow other devices access for the Poweramp app.


There is this media output option from the UI home/menu which i find somehow is connected to this issue i see.

This is for music sharing on bluetooth ( which is turned off )

When going into the media output, there is a tab for Music Share and a dropdown menu on the top right to go into its setting.

In this setting there is an option to enable " Show earbuds when available" , to show your Galaxy buds in the media output panel if they're nearby, turned on and ready to connect. ( this is also turned off )

This media output option only appears when i gave the permission for the bluetooth to gave nearby devices access for this app.

When permission is not allowed, this media output option will be done and so is the lockscreen widget.

See attached screenshots


Really strange. haha

Screenshot_20220701-191553_One UI Home.jpg

Screenshot_20220701-191614_Media and devices.jpg

Screenshot_20220701-191622_Media and devices.jpg

Screenshot_20220701-191522_Permission controller.jpg

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@mikhail Liew
I got the exactly same issue with same problem and have no idea how to solve this.

Using a Samsung Galaxy A41. Since the last System Update, the PA Lockscreen widget isn't shown anymore. Only via Samsung Media Output.
(also other music apps like e.g. Radionator which i'm using isn't shown anymore)

I tried each setting, permission, notification possibility doesn't work.
Are you any further meanwhile or even have a solution?

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@automp it works 100% on default settings, so please do Restore defaults in Poweramp settings / Look and Feel / Notifications. 

Note that notification is shown only when player is actively playing something.

If it doesn't appear anyway (so you generally don't have Poweramp notifications in the notification shade), ensure you have notifications enabled for player (long press on Poweramp / (i)) Notifications - Allowed.

Also global notifications on lock screen settings should be enabled (phone settings / Lock screen / Notifications / On) and Lock screen / Widgets should have Music widget enabled.

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Thanks again for your reply and explanation. Just to understand:

On the lockscreen you only see the PA controls (skip buttons, status bar etc.) via the Android Media Output widget? Not the previous (more compact) Poweramp control bar? 


That's what i actually meant. I thought there is a different lockscreen widget provided from PA app itself. (not the "full" PA as lockscreen view) 

At my phone it looks like in the attached screenshot. 


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  • 6 months later...

I would like to reopen this topic as I can't get PA widget available on the lock screen.

I think I have followed all steps provided here and did what other suggested but still no PA widget on lock screen.

Is it a problem that only occurs on Samsung devices? I have just migrated from old Android 9 phone where I had have no issue with that to Samsung Android 13 and it is here.

Edited by Rafal B
Problem solved. I have unselected Music from showing on Lock screen. Once enabled PA widget is there.
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@Rafal B  On recent Android builds, media playing apps pass any info they wish to display to system's lockscreen 'widget' - but the layout is defined by Android, not the app. The only way to get around that is to take over the whole lockscreen completely, as a kind of intermediate page, which should be available via PA Setttings=>Lock Screen=>Show on Lock Screen.


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