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I can't get the settings to stick.

ron pie

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That is, if I make a pre amp change or eq setting, as soon as the next song plays, it resets to default. Is there a switch to make your settings stick? Or is this the way it is built?


I use Poweramp with bluetooth sunglasses that have a good sound but not a lot of volume, so I turn up the preamp and problem solved. However, as soon the next song plays I have to stop running, pull out my phone and turn the pre amp back up, if I want that extra volume.


I couldn't find any setting for this. If there isn't then consider this an important feature request. I like this app, I'd like to continue to use it.

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What you should do is, when you finish setting up the Eq, save the setting and assign it to the connected device.

You can do this on the Eq page, tap on the name of eq, long press  on the same name and select assign, rename or even share your settings. 


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