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accents on foreign characters in play list not recognized

hubert lelong

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I have some playlists with spanish or french titles such as "Angelis - soñar y nada mas" or "hervé vilar - Capri"
On my PC or on my old MP3 reader, it is not a problem.
On my android phone (redmi note 10 with android 11RKQ1) with Poweramp (full ; last update May 22) those titles are not recognized in a playlist.

Of course if I go directly to the song thru the file structure, it works, but it is not a solution, right ?)
Anything I can do, other than renaming hundred of files ?

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Playlists refer purely to physical filenames, the Title/Artist/Album/etc tag details are not used. Android uses Unicode (UTF-8, two bytes) character set encoding for filenames, whereas Windows may use Latin1 or even plain 8-bit ASCII when you create the playlist.

So your playlists also need to be recognised as UTF-8 if they contain links to filenames that contain special characters beyond the basic 7-bit alphanumeric character set. It may be as simple as renaming the playlist files from .M3U (simple ASCII file) to .M3U8 (Unicode UTF-8), or you may need to convert and re-save them in a fully-featured text editor such as Notepad++ on a PC. You could also try enabling "Always Use UTF-8 for .M3U" in Settings=>Library=>Scanner, or even change the Tag Encoding method in the same menu (but normally that would be fine on default).


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