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Sort songs in playlists by date added to the playlist


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Is there a way to do that? The closest option that I see is "Sort by date added/modified" I'm not sure how that option works, because it puts some songs that I added several months ago to the playlist at the top and if I put in reverse is the same, some new songs and some old ones, I also know there's sort by date added to library, but I'd like to have it like any other players that sorts it by the newest songs added to that specific playlist, I remember that option existed several years ago, I was checking the settings but couldn't find anything, if you can help me I'll appreciate it.

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Sorry, that option has never existed because playlists don't contain any saved metadata of their own. They are simply a flat list of links to audio files that are located on your device's storage - a bit like a handwritten shopping list of filenames. Each line is just some text with no attributes of its own.

Poweramp does allow you to rearrange such lists using several attributes of the audio files to which the list points (embedded tags, file/path info, date added to library, etc) but the result is just a new flat list of filenames.

That said, when you add a new item to an existing playlist, the new song is appended to the end of the current list - unless you specifically select the new 'Add at Start' or 'Shuffle' modes. So by default the newest items should appear at the end of playlists anyway.


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