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How to turn off beeb sound when skipping tracks with AA

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I have played shuffled songs of one genre in the car via AA (connected to USB). When I wanted to skip a track, a beep sound came up. No matter if I skipped on the steering wheel or on the Auto-Display-Launcher. 
With another music player app, on the other hand, there is no beep. 
If the mobile phone is not connected and played "normally" with sound via the speakers and I skip a track, there is also no beep.
I can't find a way to set this under the AA settings in Poweramp.
Does anyone have an idea? 

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Really? I thought that when USB is connected, the music automatically comes through it.

At least that was the case for me when bluetooth didn't work once, but I only noticed it when I wanted to make a phone call and that didn't work.

However, my car radio shows me USB as the connection, Bluetooth is then not selectable and greyed out. 

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