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Getting Poweramp to Read Ratings?


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Hello, I'm trying to determine if Poweramp can read ratings stored as ID3. So far, it seems no? I have most of my ratings saved from iTunes and am importing the music via Musicbee sync but Poweramp treats everything as unrated (and when I rate a song it will not reverse sync back into Musicbee). I'm guessing because it doesn't read ID3?

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Poweramp does read ID3 tags, but not the POPM ones that store ratings. And any ratings you create within Poweramp are saved to an internal database (like iTunes does). You can export and re-import ratings for Poweramp though for backup purposes.

There is a third-party app called Music (used to be 'New') Playlist Manager, which can transfer ratings from PA's music database back to POPM tags in files, and vice versa, though. 


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