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Intent on NEXT/PREVIOUS track?


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Hello Poweramp!

Hope you're going well. So I have my private little IceCast stream which I use Poweramp to stream through my phone. It is playing radio stations and I have a web server which has a PHP file which changes radio stations according to my custom algorithm. So what I wanted to do is: I was thinking, is there an API/Intent that Poweramp pushes whenever user clicks the Previous or Next track button in the app? So far I have only found the "TRACK_CHANGED" intent which does not fully do the job since 1) I do not know whether user clicked next or previous track, 2) it is unstable - even if I pause/replay the event kicks in - so it defeats the idea.

In Tasker, there is a Media Button State trigger but that only works for bluetooth/external hardware devices which send next/back buttons - for example if I click NEXT in Poweramp in Android Auto for example, that event does not work. So as far as my programming knowledge goes, I believe the easiest and most consisent method is that the media player application itself gives me some form of intent/reply/call when Next/Back is hit because afterall, the application knows more than any external service what user clicked. 

Is there an API/Intent that I can use to re-program the next/previous track buttons to launch my PHP script? Thank you and any help is greatly appreciated.

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