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Problem with Rounded Corners option

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It seems like since the new Rounded Corners option was added, the buttons under the cover art (shuffle, play, search) always stay more rounded nevertheless I chose less rounded in settings.

I am experiencing this behaviour on two different devices: Samsung A52 5G (Android 12) and Lenovo Tab TB-8705F (Android 10).



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Yes, that does seem to be the case. Currently none of the lozenge shaped buttons seem to be affected by the More/Less Rounded option (either in lists or on the player screen) and I agree it would be nice if they adjusted in line with the other interface elements.

Also the Category header wording on the drill-down views is always in 'more' rounded, and the album art thumbnails in lists don't seem to be changing either.


The lower control box (mini-player plus EQ/Search/etc) seems fine though.


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42 minutes ago, GeilerHeinz said:

If I install the Poweramp.apk on a device with an already installed play store version doesn't that lead to conflicts?


No, I do this all the time if the Play store is running behind. If a newer version is available from Play in the future, you will get the update just like normal.

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@maxmp Perhaps the rounded corners option was never meant to be like that, but I was expecting that the icons itself (e.g. the arrowhead, the crossing arrows etc.) would be displayed less rounded not only the labels background. 

The most obvious differences exist between the arrowhead icon of the header button and the arrowhead icon of the navbar.



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