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Parametric EQ does not apply any preset that contains a filter with Q > 10


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The title says pretty much everything. 

A recent update on Poweramp EQ increased the upper limit on the Q parameter. Before this update, the UI enforced the rule "Q less or equal to 10". Now it enforces the rule "Q less or equal to 12".  However, Poweramp won't apply any preset that has a filter with Q > 10. Such a preset will be silently ignored. 

Poweramp build-939-bundle-play [939004-333c8a71]
Samsung Galaxy S10+
Android 12
To reproduce the bug, pick any working EQ preset, add to it a peaking band filter with, say, Q = 11, and try to apply the preset.

I have various REW-generated EQ presets for my usual listening environments. Each of these presets provides a flat frequency response for a specific room and speaker pair combination. When I saw that the Q parameter cap had been increased, I "improved" my presets to take advantage of the new cap... And the presets ceased to work.  :-( 

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