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On 6/11/2022 at 11:17 PM, z19951118 said:

The system is Android 12, ColorOS12, when the music is playing in the background, the incoming call pauses the playback, and the playback cannot be resumed when the call is ended. When you enter the Poweramp, you can see that the progress bar is already going, but there is no sound, and other music apps are normal.

Check these two settings;

1. Settings>Audio>Audio Focus>Resume After Call should be enabled

If this is enabled, and the calls are still not resuming, check this next step

2. Settings>Audio>Advanced Tweaks>Force Audio On Audio Focus Change change to enabled (but only if step 1. above does not fix the issue)

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The problem is caused by the audio output, you are probably using Aaudio, Hi-Res should be selected, to me, Aaudio sounds superior but the issue of no sound after calls, made me switch to Hi-Res.

To restore sound when this happens, just go to phone settings and force stop Poweramp, that's if you want to continue using Aaudio. 


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@Bencherished I would add that AAudio is just a different API (application programming interface) to the same Android audio subsystem. This API is shorter in terms of layers of code and is a bit more robust, but it also has bugs in some ROMs as it’s fresh and not tested by OEMs that well.

In terms of audio quality Hi-res (properly configured) would be better. 

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