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Symbols of "total tracks" and "discnumber"

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The symbols/icons for total tracks in the header for an album and disc number of the tracks are the same. It is sometimes confusing. Could you change the symbol/icon of discnumber please?

discnumber symbol/icon could be a disc symbol based on unicode characters. For example the optical disc icon of unicode.


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8 hours ago, andrewilley said:

This ties in with an existing request to make the title, the artist/album, and list meta info line (disc#, duration, etc) user-configurable. You could then edit the line however you wished

If this is done, it would be extremely cool. I mean really allowing users to display info on main ui / library as they desire would unlock loads of customization. I have used AIMP for desktop as well as android version which allows that. whole main ui info can be customized, however, I don't think this will be implemented in Poweramp. As @maxmp said, it will change the whole configuration of albums / artists / genres etc on main ui and library.

However, I was talking about mere symbols. If discnumber symbol could actually be represented by a disc icon, it would make user interface more engaging. currently the symbol of all tracks and discnumber is the same which is sometimes confusing.


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Do remember that the symbol you are referring to has nothing to do with disc number, it just indicates extra (metadata) info about the audio file - hence it is the same symbol as used on info line at the top of the screen. Currently for songs, that info would normally be duration, file type, and (optionally, if present) disc number.

e.g. a segment of my 'Singles' folder (for which the songs contain no track or disc numbers) versus part of a two-disc album:



Hence an editable formatting string for the song meta info would allow you to annotate each item if you wanted - e.g. using a formatting string of:
     💿 %disc% | 🕒 %duration% | 🖫 %fileformat%

Or perhaps more usefully, using a simple square bracket conditional notation to indicate an optional portion that won't be displayed if the contained Disc# tag is null:
     [💿 %disc% | ] 🕒 %duration% | 🖫 %fileformat%


@maxmp This reminds me that the minor bug still exists where a deliberately empty Disc# tag is always shown as disc number '1' in song lists unless the Track# tag is missing too, in which case both the Disc# and Track# are correctly omitted. Original thread HERE


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