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1 hour ago, Obersuppenruehrer said:

How do I enable this? I have a lot of 96/24 and 192/24 FLAC but it only shows this as info.

This is not a Feature Request that has been added so far. Just use the metadata info line at the bottom of the screen.


But some would argue that if your ears can't tell you the difference, is there any point...?


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So what the OP pictures show is what he would like to see? I thought it was already implemented, since he thanked you.


The metadata info you highlighted is really all one needs.

And btw on a highend headphone\set you can hear a difference. Especially when comparing mp3 to lossless hd. Lame\mp3 has gotten pretty good at 320k but it still lacks clarity in the trebles. The difference between lossless 16/44 and lossless 32/192 is less pronounced  but still audible.

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