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Status of Ratings Sync implementation

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I really love Poweramp. Big time. I've tried other music players casually in the past, but always came back to Poweramp.


That being said, I've never used my Android device much for music simply because I've never had enough storage space. Well I just ordered a Nexus 6P with 128GB on a quest to ditch my iPod Touch, and now I'm looking more seriously. Naturally there's no good way to manage music on a Mac and an Android device, but there are some workarounds, like iSyncr. My big requirement is Ratings. So I can use iSyncr, but I'm stuck using their proprietary music player, which is garbage, or PlayerPro which is a poor man's Poweramp that's ugly to boot. iSyncr has a workaround that I can LISTEN using Poweramp, but I have to apply the Rating via their widget, which is ugly and just unnecessarily complicated.


I came here in hope to find a better workaround that would let me use Poweramp to assign the ratings, then iSyncr would sync those ratings and playcounts to iTunes. But instead I've found that in 4 years this issue has not been addressed outside "oh, well it's coming." Well Poweramp Pro didn't cost a fortune but I have the right to express that that's just ridiculous. You have a user above who outlined all the technicality of what it would require, practically did the work for you, and yet still, nothing.


Again, I love Poweramp. But this just shows how asleep the developer is on this project. You created something great, then abandoned it because hey it's great and it can't get any better, right? Wrong. It's great, but it's officially not good enough.


I sincerely hope that however ratings are handled someday works with iSyncr or any other service that actually allows you to manage music on your Android device in a way that makes sense, but until then I'll have to jump ship to PlayerPro. While their app is undeniably ugly, even with skins, it's clear their developer listens to his/her users. This whole process should be MUCH easier and it's baffling to me that no one out there has developed a desktop app for Mac and PC that seamlessly syncs with your Android device when it's so clearly where the iPhone has the upper hand, but so be it. As much as I don't particularly enjoy this aspect of it, as an Android user I'm more than used to being overlooked and having to bend backwards for certain basic capabilities.

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You may have missed my posts but New Playlist Manager is able to backup your pa ratings and restore them. in addition you can use the tag editor to update mp3, m4a or flac track ratings to ensure you will never lose your ratings again. There is a routine to update your Poweramp ratings from the mp3 tracks. (and the reverse but working on this currently)

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