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I have 2 samsung tabs and the beta version of Poweramp will not access my SD card states for my privacy need to setup new folder???


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You are probably using a recent Android version in which for security reasons (or some would say just to be user-hostile...) Google no longer allows its Storage Access Framework to grant overarching access to a root location - either internal memory or SD Card.

For now - although it's unclear for how long this will continue to work - you can bypass that restriction by using PA Settings=>Misc=>File Access Legacy Mode. 

However a better long-term solution would be to follow Google's policies and move all your music in its subfolders into one master folder on your SD Card - e.g. 'Audio' - which you can then grant access to via the Music Folders section screen. You could use an existing 'Music' folder, but as that's a reserved system name there are some limitations, such as the inability to add a .nomedia file to stop Android from scanning its contents too.


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