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Erratic headphone recognition

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Using multiple pairs of Bluetooth headphones on a daily basis (each associated with a specific parametric preset), I have noticed a rather annoying behavior of Poweramp Equalizer : the app doesn't seem to distinguish between two pairs of headphones using the same codec.

Here is a concrete example of the issue in question : let's say that i have two distinct headphones respectively named Headphone A and Headphone B, both using AptX. I start by connecting Headphone A to my smartphone, everything functions normally as the correct preset enables itself immediately. Then, I turn off Headphone A and turn on Headphone B. This time, the personalized preset does NOT enable itself as it should have. Looking at the affiliation list, it appears as though the app believes that Headphone B is, in fact, a mere reconnection of Headphone A. 

As I alluded to earlier, the issue seems to occur specifically while both devices are using the same transmission protocol (two SBC headphones, two AptX headphones, and so on). 


The lastest beta update (build-938-bundle-play) doesn't seem to have changed anything in the abovementioned regard. 


Could you please look into said apparent issue ? 


Thanks in advance, 

An assiduous user. 



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@Ird45 thanks for the report. Poweramp tries to match device to preset when it knows that device has changed. Probably same codec, same connection type do not generate such event on your device. I will try to reproduce this scenario - please indicate your phone model and android version. Thanks!

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Thanks for your quick reply, @maxmp


My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE S865 (Android 11). 

After thorough testing on multiple emitting devices of various brands and Android versions, it appears as though the glitch is most likely device-specific, as I faced no particular issue on any of the other (non-Samsung) models. Furthermore, updating my S20 FE to Android 12 seems - so far- to have solved the problem, corroborating the plausibility that an absence of proper behavior of the app caused by some specific OS versions is, in fact, to blame when it comes to the abovementioned issue. 


In any case, I believe that it would be interesting to look into the problematic in question. 











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