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Enable track change pop ups

Jonny G

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Hi all. I've recently upgraded my android car headunit to a new model. Although I exported my settings and imported them to the new Poweramp install, I no longer get the pop up message with track info and album art I used to over the top of other apps when I'm changing tracks with my steering wheel controls. 

I have given Poweramp permission to display over other apps but still can't figure out how to make them appear.


Thanks for any help.


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That would be something generated by the headunit directly, PA does not feature that sort of popup message.

It's probably something that it picks up from Notifications though, so worth having a look in PA Settings=>Look and Feel=>Notifications and try some of the options in there. 


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Thanks Andre, your explanation eventually got me onto the right track. I was first under the impression they could have been generated by my launcher (Agama) but having uninstalled it on my old headunit that I'm testing on and still receiving pop ups, I've eventually found out they are bubble notifications.

For some reason they are not listed in the notification settings on my new headunit (running Android 11) however they are listed in the developer options. However when I enable dev options, for some reason I lose power to my USB SSD drive (regardless of if USB debugging is on or off) with all my media on, which makes it all kinda pointless. So very stuck right now!

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