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Equalizer page controls suggestion

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I've got fairly large fingers. So it's hard to manipulate the tiny equalizer controls on the program when I need to. On the other hand, the volume control is this big, easily controlled widget in the bottom center.

So how about this? Every selection (including volume) starts as a small icon above the large controller in the bottom center. Then, when you tap one of them, it replaces whatever's in the bottom, becoming the main control. This allows people with large fingers the fine control over every function on that screen that they want.

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The relative knob sizes are defined by the screen aspect ratio and size. UI layout has to fit number of controls and it may dynamically scale size depending on the available width/height and screen pixel density. I would say it tuned mostly for "long" and quite large screens we have on modern Android devices.

There are multiple methods to change knob values in Poweramp / Equalizer though:
- directly manipulating the control
- linear knobs allow tapping above and below the knob for the fixed step
- long press on the knob value to enter the numeric value


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