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Most played only counts looped songs once

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Correct, playing the same song on Repeat won't keep adding to the play count ad infinitum, it's considered one play until you move on to another song.

Also, playing a song again from within the Most Played Category list won't change the general count either.


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A few people have suggested in the past that repeat plays should cause the song-played counter to increment multiple times, and I do think this would be a good idea. It intuitively feels right for the system to behave that way, and the song-played count should increase with each actual playback of the song.

Another related request/bug report was regarding the current logic of PA only incrementing the song-played count at the specific moment when you move on to a new track, and then only if the current playback cursor position is numerically greater than the preset threshold value - which could be triggered by merely skipping to almost the end of a track without actually listening to any of it. This causes problems with single-play modes, where after playing the whole song the counter sets itself back to zero before the user can move on to another track, so the play-count value does not get increased.

I would suggest to resolve all of these in one go, in future the 'song-played' value should be incremented dynamically during playback at the point where the duration of music that has been heard within one song exceeds the threshold. Simply moving the cursor around within the same song should not cause a second or third increment (as it's basically still one playback) but if the counter position is set fully back to zero - either manually by the user, or due to Repeat or single-play functionality - the duration counter should commence again and allow for further play-count increments to potentially occur.

[Edit: Just a thought, but it might be an idea to allow the 'Played Times' count for a song to be a user editable field in the Info/Tags editor, allow the user to correct individual issues themselves too] 


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