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Receiving/making a phone calls PA NO pause


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Good morning,

I’m a newbie to PA and I have some questions that I cannot find the response on how to configure. The PA v3 (full version) is installed on a auto head unit with Android 10, here are the questions:

·         When receiving/making a phone call the music playing in PA does NOT pause, which is annoying and disabling DVC it defeats the purpose of having a good quality player like PA.

·         When starting the PA app the play list does not jump to the last track that was played, it goes to the beginning of the playlist

·         In Android 10 I want the PA to be the preferred app to play music not the one that came with the head unit.

I hope you can answer the questions I have

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Have you checked the settings in PA Settings=>Audio=>Audio Focus ? Otherwise it may depend on how your device issues focus change notifications. Does turning DVC off resolve the problem? Also worth trying different output methods in PA Settings=>Audio=>Output.

IF PA was closed properly, it should remember the last-played position. It may lose the position after an Android car head-unit powers down and but don't shutdown cleanly. 


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The pausing on phone calls or other audio events is controlled by Audio Focus section in Poweramp settings. Audio focusing is a separate Android subsystem which is not related to the DVC. By default it pauses for phone calls, but that can be overridden by user. "Restore defaults" in Audio Focus may help. Thanks!

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