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Why are all my top rated (thumbs up) now disliked (thumbs downed) now?

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Ratings are stored in a local database (linked to filenames and their specific paths). They are not saved in music files. Non-rated songs should not show as thumbs up or thumbs down, they would have no rating at all.

Did you make a backup copy of your system (which would include ratings) for moving to your new device? You could use that backup file to restore ratings back to your old phone too.


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@andrewilley I have no idea what happened because I had to return the new phone. I know I removed my SD card and replaced it in my new phone, but i'm not sure why my sd card was reading as i don't have permission for something, but i forgot what it was tbh. (Basically why was it not granting access and saying I cant use this folder) It looked like this. I cant even edit my songs. I have no clue why when i did not too long ago.


Therefore, I conducted a full rescan because my new phone couldn't find any folders and my music playlist and tracks were blank. When I returned the phone, I went back to my previous phone and inserted the same SD card, and all of a sudden, my top-rated song (thumbs up) are now  thumbs down.

How do i make a backup to my system btw? please show me the steps before I get my new phone. I guess i will try to just go through all my thumbs down songs back to top rated (thumbs up). I just wish it was a way I could do this. 

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It seems really odd that 'Like'/Thumbs-Up (which equates to 5-stars if displayed as normal 1-5 ratings) should now be showing as 'Dislike'/Thumbs-Down (which is the same as setting a rating of 1 star). If the data had been cleared (for example if Android is treating the re-inserted SD Card as a new storage device and thus forcing a complete rescan) then you should see no thumb indicators at all - i.e. a null rating, or a value of zero.

The problem on your new device sounds like it is related to Android's storage-permission granting code, and sounds very similar to what was reported by a user of an Asus Zenphone 6 phone in this thread:

You could try using File Access Legacy Mode (in PA Settings=>Misc) and also make sure you are trying to select a specific folder, rather than the overall root of your SD Card.


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